Bitcoin price falls below $44,000 | Check last cryptocurrency prices

Bitcoin’s price on Friday remained flat even as the global cryptocurrency market by and large was trading in green, according to data on CoinDesk.

This comes after Wall Street indicated concerns over the possibility of tightening of policy by the US central bank.


Bitcoin’s price was up by 0.80 per cent to $43,657.17. However, Bitcoin’s price fell from $44,000-$45,000 mark.

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, was up by 1.69 per cent to $3,270.


XRP gained 1.96 per cent but Terra fell 2.89 per cent.

Solana was up by 6.52 per cent, Cardano gained 6.52 per cent, Cardano was up by 2.07 per cent, Avalanche gained 6.16 per cent, Polkadot was up by 2.15 per cent, Stellar was up 1.63 per cent.

Other popular alt coins Dogecoin was up by 5.02 per cent, Shiba Inu was up by 1.40 per cent.

“Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies gained small amounts as investors started to digest the U.S Federal Reserve’s hawkish remarks. BTC traded flat at US$43,000 over the past 24 hours. If BTC buyers can make a decisive move above US$45,000, they can reverse the current trend,” Edul Patel, CEO and Co-founder, Mudrex said.

“According to the market cap, most cryptocurrencies are running in green. NEAR Protocol outperformed the market spiked nearly 16 per cent after raising $350 million in funding yesterday,” Patel said.

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