Emily Yang: An Emerging NFT Artist On Empowering Women Via Crypto And Related Concepts

  • NFTs are playing a significant role to focus on empowering women globally, with a lot of women-centric projects existing. 
  • Emily Yang is an NFT artist who made her name after seeing unemployment and failure in life. 
  • Her job is to hopefully inspire more women to join the space, highlighted Yang. 

Emily Yang, a Digital Artist, and NFT virtuoso joined the Variety and Kering at the Cannes Film Festival for an inspiring Women In Motion conversation on Friday, which was just before the end day of the 75th festival. 

It’s quite remarkable that within two years, the artist went from being on unemployment insurance to becoming a notable name in the NFT-driven digital art space under the handle pplpleasr.

The NFT artist-initiated her career as a visual effects artist and worked on studio tentpoles like Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman, and in the year 2020, she even had a job offer from the tech giant Apple for a digital artist role. But the offer faded as the pandemic made a move. 

Talking about her pplpleasr, she highlighted that she started making artwork for herself for the first time, as earlier she had always been making artwork for other big Hollywood studios. It was really to make herself feel like she was doing something productive and wasn’t putting her life to waste.

Yang then started looking into other revenue streams and was attracted to Decentralised Finance (DeFi), a concept related to cryptocurrencies.

According to the NFT, artist saw a way to marry her own skillset with digital assets knowledge and make herself valuable in the space out of purely a requirement to create some kind of income for herself. And that she started utilizing her medium and making all these animations to promote DeFi protocols. And then she was offered opportunities. 

Yang seems to find the world of crypto, NFTs, etc to be really interesting and sees a lot of potential in them. Unlike some folks who think of them as useless and are vehement critics of the new tech concepts. She finds the NFT sphere quite empowering for women. 

The NFT artist further highlighted her job is to hopefully inspire more women to join the space. 

Despite the fact that the new concepts like NFTs, Metaverse, etc attract mixed reactions from people. Some people are quite optimistic about them, and some are not so inclined toward them. But it is indeed true that NFTs have provided a whole new opportunity for digital artists and collectors globally. And are now also contributing to empowering women. 

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