Giant gift card platform GiftChill plans to add Cronos Coin (CRON) to its payment method

cronos coin will be added to giant gift cards platform GiftChill

A leading cryptocurrency to gift card platform GiftChill, will be adding Cronos (CRO) to its payment methods in a well-calculated move to expand its ever-growing list of accepted cryptocurrency.

GiftChill, a popular online gift card purchasing platform, has come a long way in mainstreaming the use of crypto. The platform already lets buyers use a variety of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Litecoin, Binance coin, Kisha Inu and Shiba Inu, as well as many other common digital coins and tokens.

The addition of Cronos (CRO) will serve to expand GiftChill’s user base, which spreads across many countries. Whether meme coins or not, it’s clear the GiftChill is making a significant effort in turning cryptocurrency into a future payment of choice.

Cronos continued growth in popularity and user base could have informed the gift card purchasing platform’s decision to embrace future payments. Users not on the traditionally popular crypto platforms, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, can now adopt the CRO and use it to buy gift cards on GiftChill.

The latest development means you can now purchase your favorite gift cards from GiftChill if you’re already have CRO tokens. You’ll need to watch this space for the latest news on the launch of CRO on the leading gift card purchasing platform.

More about Cronos: It’s the EVM sidechain running alongside Crypto.Org Chain. Built on Ethermint, Cronos supports rapid porting of dapps and smart contracts from EVM-compatible chains, such as Ethereum.

More about GiftChill: This is a leading online platform for converting between accepted crypto and gift cards. Boasting of more than 100 popular gift cards, GiftChill allows people from all over the world to purchase gift cards using crypto. The online platform s now set to embrace Cronos as a payment option, expanding its client base and spreading its operations to more regions of the world.

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