Metamortals, Ethereum, and BNB: Promising DAOs With High Potential in 2022

The continuous emergence of new trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market brings about several promising opportunities. As innovations like DeFi start to stand out, businesses and individuals globally are beginning to notice the opportunities available in the cryptocurrency industry. The creation of new technology to facilitate the rapidly developing cryptographic solutions is something we can see happening simultaneously.

DAOs are a perfect illustration of how DeFi governance is powered by improved technology. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are organizations that give community members access to governing responsibilities. As interest in decentralized banking continues to increase, DAOs have become more common and seem to be gaining traction with many enthusiastic crypto developers.

DAOs are most prevalent on Ethereum (ETH). However, the yet-to-be-released cryptocurrency Metamortals (MORT) has shown significant potential to rank among the best promising DAOs in the crypto market. Metamortals intends to develop from a traditional DeFi gaming protocol to a decentralized autonomous organization, with distinguishing characteristics and incentives for users.

Ethereum (ETH)

The most prominent altcoin is Ethereum. A blockchain-based software network called Ethereum has a wide range of functions and tech-related applications. Ether (ETH), the native coin of Ethereum, has seen significant value growth over the years.

A DAO launches through distribution on the Ethereum blockchain. Once distributed, a DAO’s code needs ETH to perform Ethereum transactions. Since a DAO cannot function without ETH, receiving ETH is the first order of business for a DAO. After a DAO’s code has been distributed, ETH can be transferred to the DAO’s smart contract address during the first activation stage specified in the code.

Users who use Ethereum to purchase Metamortal tokens receive a 17% trading cost bonus.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Previously known as Binance Coin, BNB now stands for “Build and Build.” The Binance Coin is a community-led decentralized blockchain backed by the token BNB and comprises BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain. They work with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

BNB is an ETH-based application that is currently ERC20-based. The entire ecosystem has been built to accommodate several utilities, including trading fees, exchange fees, listing fees, etc. The Binance coin BNB is used to settle transaction costs and serves as a utility token.

BNB is unique, and its capacity to trade with other digital assets makes it a top choice for widespread adoption. You can purchase Metamortals with BNB and get a 24% bonus plus other mouth-watering incentives.

Metamortals (MORT)

Metamortals is a blockchain-based DeFi game that made the conscious effort not to develop an NFT gaming platform like its counterparts. In leading the way, Metamortals intends to establish itself as a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). As a result, all community members can control and manage the Metamortals ecosystem rather than just a small group of people.

DAOs are distinct from conventional governance systems because they lack a centralized governing entity. Every member works toward a common objective and makes an effort to act in the organization’s best interests. To join the community, you must acquire the ecosystem’s governance token, the MORT DAO token. This token is the passcode to enter the DAO community.

Token holders are given the right to vote and contest for DAO positions, which are based primarily on their holdings. Users can only join Metamortals DAO after purchasing its native MORT token. Users that purchase Metamortals during the presale stages receive different bonuses and incentives. Users receive an 8% bonus for the first stage, a 4% bonus for the second stage, and a 3% bonus for the third stage.

You can also purchase Metamortals Token with other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BNB, and SOL to receive more benefits and rewards. Watch out for its presale stage to be among the first to take advantage of these mouth-watery bonuses.

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