Charles Hoskinson calls out Ethereum Classic as a dead project

  • Hoskinson hits out at the protocol following an accusation of his attempts to exploit Ethereum Classic miners.
  • Ethereum co-founder disagrees with the Cardano CEO.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has hit out at the Ethereum Classic (ETC) project following recent allegations that he was trying to exploit the network’s miners. According to a popular Ethereum Classic supporter (@sethccormack9 on Twitter), Hoskinson attempted to force miners to pay 20 percent in taxes. “He was only interested in extracting as much profits as possible from the network.”

However, Hoskinson didn’t find the tweet acceptable, and he responded to the tweet. He remarked that the alleged ‘tax’ isn’t miners’ tax, as claimed by @sethccormack9. Rather, it was a sustainable development fund. Hoskinson explained that he’s always sad that the Ethereum Classic protocol never reached its full potential. He added that ETC had lost its purpose of existence, is now a dead project, and only exists out of spite.

The Cardano founder usually reacts whenever his name or the Cardano project is mentioned in a bad light. Many times, he has criticized other top blockchain projects that made disparaging remarks about Cardano. Recently, he responded to criticisms of the network’s upcoming Vasil hard fork.

The Cardano founder suggested that those bad-mouthing the Cardano network need a mouthwash. The highly expected Vasil hard fork is scheduled for September 22 after several delays and postponements. Hoskinson famously compared the Solana network to an old Nintendo console.

He also suggested a video for the Solana development team on how they can solve their network’s congestion issues which have been rampant for some time. Like Hoskinson, members of the Cardano community also condemned @sethccormack9 for accusing the Cardano CEO “wrongly.” A Cardano community member @marcomeerman wrote that @sethccormack9 always wants to be negative so that he can get attention.

He added that the ETC member must be struggling now and won’t mind hugging him. Many top crypto advocates share similar sentiments as Hoskinson that ETC hasn’t reached its full potential since its hard fork from the Ethereum network.

Vitalik Buterin disagrees with Hoskinson

However, there are still some crypto industry leaders who still believe that ETC isn’t dead. One such leader is Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin. Two months ago, Buterin suggested that Ethereum miners migrate to ETC once Ethereum transitions to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. Buterin described the ETC community as welcoming and confident they will welcome miners to their fold.

Ethereum Classic is a fine chain, and any fan of Proof-of-Work can switch to it.

Nevertheless, many industry players think there would be a hard fork of the Ethereum network once the Merge goes live. Their belief is a result of the fact that some miners prefer to continue with their mining activity even after Ethereum becomes a PoS network. Ethereum Classic currently trades at $40.62 and is up 26.6 percent in the last 24 hours, according to our data.