Ripple ,Ethereum & Dogecoin — Asian Wrap 05 September

Ripple (XRP) price is set to tank substantially lower in the coming weeks as price action sees bulls trying to make a fist against the bear cycle. Although courageous, it does not seem to be going anywhere, and it offers bears a window of opportunity to add more short positions.


Ethereum (ETH) price has been trading quite strong in a very nervous week where traders were thrown left and right, being up one day in the European session and the next day losing everything at the end of the US closing bell. Bulls could still eke out solid gains for the week, with a lot of cash being burned in the process.


Dogecoin (DOGE) price sees bulls playing with fire over the weekend as almost all gains are being returned. This puts bulls almost back to square one and in a not-so-convincing position to start a new week. Expect to see another leg lower in the coming weeks as the dollar strength has only taken a step back and is set to enter a new rally, pushing the DOGE price back to $0.05.